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Presale: Imelda May

Long celebrated by peers as one of the most sensational singers of contemporary music, Imelda May has made the album of her life. Taking the biggest band line up she has ever toured, login to get your tickets now to a show that promise to delight both old and new fans of Imelda’s music.

Featuring members of her longtime band with some additional incredible musicians, the new line up brings the wonderful new material and old favourites to full colour whilst also showcasing Imelda’s unique ability to evoke the purest of emotion using her voice as her sole instrument.

If you don't know Imelda May, prepare to be amazed.  If you are already a fan, get ready to hear her as you never have before. The truly unique artist has found a new groove, exploring blues, soul, gospel, folk, rock, sensitive acoustica, cinematic drama and explosive balladry on a set of the boldest, most personal and intimately autobiographical songs she has ever written.

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